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Wild doubles up and extends lead in the battle of world best sprinters

來源:福建邱基金體育科技有限公司   添加時間:2015-11-11 14:58:53

Kirsten Wild of Giant-Shimano faced a stiffer challenge from her competitors but managed to score a second straight convincing stage victory at the three-day long Tour of Chongming Island. She outsprinted former world champion Giorgia Bronzini (Wiggle Honda) and Shelley Olds (Alé Cipollini) to increase her lead to fifteen seconds in the overall classification.
“It was a very difficult win today”, said Wild as she echoed comments from other sprinters who didn’t feel as humiliated by the Dutch woman powerful sprinting abilities as at the end of stage 1. “There were two riders at the front. It was hard to get them back so I was left with only two team-mates to lead me out for the final sprint.”
As Wiggle Honda had decided to make the race hard this time around, Charlotte Becker spent most of the stage away with Inga Cilvinaite of RusVelo. The duo was brought back only 500 metres before the finishing line of the Chongxi stage “Shanghai Wisdom Island Data Industrial Park Cup”. “All RusVelo riders are good time triallists, so we couldn’t give them too much space at the front”, Wild explained. “We spoke in the bunch and agreed that we wouldn’t let them more than two minutes ahead. With 20km to go, we went full gas.”
A crash involving stage 1 runner up Roxane Fournier preceded the bunch gallop with 2km to go but it didn’t prevent neither Wild from winning nor the French national team to collect valuable rankings (5th, 7th and 8th). “We don’t often get a chance to make the top 5 of an international stage”, noted former track world champion Pascale Jeuland. “Most of the world’s best sprinters are here.”
Bronzini made it up for her disappointment on day 1 as she crossed the line just behind Wild. “Today I’m back”, the Italian said. “I wanted a good result at any cost. We’ve tried to put Wild into trouble with a breakaway to catch but she was still fresh for sprinting. She was the strongest again. However, we’re working hard towards the next goal, which is Sunday’s world cup race here in Chongming.”
Even though she struggled for winning again, Wild remained fresh because other teams helped to catch the break, as Shelley Olds explained. The American from the Alé Cipollini team moved into second place overall. “It wanted it to be a sprint so I asked my team-mates to work for that but we’re only three! I also wanted a sprint with speed at the difference of yesterday, so I jumped 300 metres away from the finishing line. I’m not too disappointed to be third behind the two best sprinters in the world.”
Separated by fifteen seconds, Wild and Olds will contest the overall victory on stage 3 called “Chongming Industrial Zone Cup”. It’s a city circuit race that suits them both. With sixteen seconds time bonus up for grab in three sprints including the final one, Wild can hardly lose the 2014 Tour of Chongming Island. “There’ll still be a fight”, she said. “I’m confident because I have a good team but today the breakaway got caught very close to the line, so one day it might work for them. We always need a bit of luck for winning as well.”


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